AA089 Wheel balancer lift, Pneumatic tire lift for tire balancing machines


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Tire Lift (Suitabe for wheel balancer 
auxiliary tire placement ) 
Max. capacity: 75KGS 
Max. height:520MM 
Max. horizontal movement distance: 
Working: Pure pneumatic 
Working pressure : 6-8KG/CM 
Operating: Three-position five-way 
manual valve, 
Pull up and down, self-reset

The sliding table can be extended 
forwards and with lengthening 
accessories, which can meet the 
widening base of various balancing 

The sliding between the sliding table and 
the lift is a linear slide + bearing, which is 
smooth and has a small gap. 

Pneumatic pressure-regulating joint is 
built into the air control box, which can 
adjust the lifting speed of the machine 
according to the usage, 

Aluminum alloy cylinder. All pneumatic 
parts are of Airtac brand. The air pipe is 
placed in the drag chain groove to avoid 
wear effectively

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