Eisen MKT007 Auto Universal Clip Removal Plier, Door Car Trim Clip Remover Tool


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Item: Panel clip pliers

Type: Automobile trim panel clip

  • Easy to operate, our clip removal pliers feature a spring-loaded design to enable you to remove clip-style fasteners with a simple squeeze of the handle.
  • These pliers provide smooth removal of panel clips. The ratchet handle lock holds pliers in a clamp-open position for easy removal and installation.
  • Ideal for removing door upholstery clips, door panel clips, and many other standard trim anchors and clips.
  • Comfortable Grip that is dipped in soft, non-slip, PVC to provide easy an easy to hold, yet secure grip.
  • Made of carbon steel with PVC dipped handles.
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Ideal for removing door upholstery clips, door panel clips, and many other standard trim anchors and clips.

Comfortable Grip Soft, non-slip handle provides a comfortable secure grip.

Spring-loaded design enables you to remove clip-style fasteners by simply squeezing the handle.

The pliers work in tight spaces and easily slide under most standard upholstery clips and anchors, preventing damage to the surrounding trim.

Technical Details

Manufacturer Aain
Part Number ‎MKT007
Style Panel Pliers
Package Dimensions 11.81 x 4.72 x 2.36 inches
Material Carbon Steel & PVC
Weight 8 ounces‎

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Customer Reviews

Based on 121 reviews
Joshua Hickson
Great panel clip set!

Panel clips are your worst enemy, do yourself a favor and buy this set to make your life easier!;

Replaced my trusty old Aain pliers.

These replaced my trusty old Aain brand pliers. They are slightly larger/longer, therefore offering better access and leverage. They also include the convenience of return springs which the old pliers never had.;

Ashley Shake
Better value, same quality

This set alone was the price of only getting 1 of them off the tool truck. They're similar, if not the same as well.;

Buy now!

I work on allt of vehicles. I should have gotten this set a long time ago. I use the spreader ones ALOT now. Great for door panel separation where you can't get a good hold on it.;

Try it or DIY it
Order the quality set!

Please trust me and just get these if you’re reading reviews.
I was very hesitant at first to dish out the cash for a quality pair but, once you use it the first time you realize it’s money well spent.
The sheer joy of popping plastic caps and plugs off my Ford with ease AND without breaking them!? Are you kidding me!?
Why fight trying to pry and twist them with a flat head or other objects.
The proper tools make the job EASIER;