Aain AA017A4 3 Inch Crimped Wire Cup Brush 4 pack, Wire Cup Set For Grinders 5/8"-11 Unc


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Size: 3 in.  
Type: Cup Brush 4 PACK
  • Fits 5/8-Inch- 11 arbor, compatible with most angle grinders.
  • Durable carbon steel wire is 100% inspected to meet demanding quality specifications.
  • Crimped CUP design delivers maximal flexibility and fatigue resistance.
  • Max RPM 12,500. Balanced for smooth performance.
  • Removes rust, scale, and weld splatter, ideal for heavy-duty, aggressive surfaces, softwood, and hardwood materials.
  • Removes paint, scale, rust, corrosion and weld spatter
  • Maximum speed: 8500 RPM
  • For use with grinders
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Heavy-Duty Cleaning

This crimped steel wire cup brush is a great tool for fast heavy-duty cleaning and polishing. Excellent for deburring and removing paint, rust, and scale from steel surfaces. Use with angle grinders is recommended.


Safety supporting ring controls flaring to extend brush life. Once wires are worn down to the ring, the ring can be removed to expose more wire for extra brush life.

Professional Quality

Constructed of high-performance wire, compatible with a wide variety of grinders.

Technical Details

Manufacturer Aain
Part Number
Item Weight
2.2 lbs. 
3" Crimped Wire Cup Brush
Brush Material  Carbon Steel
Number of Pieces 4
Color Red
Diameter 3 in.
Arbor size 5/8-11 in.
Application Fits Most Angle Grinders, 5/8-11 Nut Plus 1.25mm-10 And 1.5mm-10 Adapters

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

work very well

Paul A Gordon
Work great good price

Using on concrete wall to remove paint.

Autospecialtools Customer
good product

The delivery time very good and the brushes work very well.

terri arvidson
fast delivery

hording up well, as described, and fast delivery

Great Brush

There are a few bad reviews out there for this guy.The wires fly out... True. I've never used a wire wheel or cup brush that this was not true. Better products hold the wires better but still let them go. Wear appropriate gear. This cup brush holds them well. I am very satisfied with the product.The wires break off... Also potentially true. I have destroyed a cup brush in very short order. I was using it incorrectly. If you push with too much pressure, you force the bristles around corners, or you sling the bristles into narrow sharp edges, anything that sharply bends the bristles as they are rotating, of course they are going to break off fairly quickly. Angle grinders are generally spinning them above 10,000 RPM.The knotted cup brush works better... Depends on what you are doing and what you are needing. The knotted cup brush has much thicker bristles. If you are removing paint/rust, yep it will do it faster. It may also remove some metal under the paint however. They are very aggressive. If you are pushing with lots of pressure or flexing bristles around corners, they will survive the abuse better than the finer bristles.I have and use both styles of cup brush for differing applications. I like them both. I use the finer bristle brushes more often. Usually for removing metal scale, paint, rust, etc.