520Li Fuel Pump Control Regulation Voltage Faulted

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[Repair Case]: 520Li Fuel Pump Control Regulation Voltage Faulted


 A 2011, BMW 520Li, model F18, with an odometer reading of approximately 25,000 miles. The vehicle was unable to accelerate while driving, and the user noted that the motor shook severely after stopping, before turning off the engine. The instrument's engine fault light illuminates, signaling a problem, and the central information display reads, "The engine power is down, the fuel system has something wrong!" The vehicle can be re-started and driven normally after it has been parked for a period of time.


 Observe that the engine runs smoothly in the idling state and that the check control information on the instrument and the central information display screen are not illuminated after starting the car. Connect ISID for diagnosis and testing, read the engine control system faults, and store them as follows: 481B00 The voltage of the fuel pump control regulation is too high. Look at Table 1-2-1 for a complete description of the fault code.

Table 1-2-1

EKPS 481B00 fuel pump control regulation voltage is too high,

Fault description

If the regulation voltage (phase A) is greater than 16 V, a fault will be identified.

Fault identification conditions

 The supply voltage of terminal Kl. 30 is between 9 and 18V. Terminal Kl. 15 is switched on. Terminal Kl. 30 is switched on. The diagnostic mode must not be activated in the car.

Fault code storage and record conditions

Acknowledge the fault within 4s.

Maintenance measures

Possible cause of failure:

EKPS fuel pump control system-If there is a fault, update the following components according to the test module: EKPS fuel pump control system.

Driver information

Check control information (309): Electric fuel pump! Service tips.



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