Aain LT020A Portable Led Work Light Rechargeable Cob Flood Lights, Job Site Lighting, Super Bright for Outdoor Camping, Car Repairs, Emergency


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Item: Portable Work Light


  • Includes a 10W COB LED bulb. COB LED lights are brighter, consume less power, and output a higher quality beam of light than regular LED bulbs.
  • 3 modes of light: high, low, and strobe.
  • 4400 mAh built-in power bank with a charging time approx. 4. 5H, running time 4-6H depending on brightness. Built-in USB port to charge a phone, camera or other small electronic devices.
  • Portable and easy to store. 180 degree adjustable lampstand, hangable handle.
  • IPX4 waterproof rating means it is water-resistant to splashes of water.
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Portable and easy to carry.

Perfect for camping, hiking, fishing, car repairs, and emeregencies. A compact but powerful lighting solution.

Built-in 4400 mAh power bank

The lamp body also comes with USB output port (5V 1A), and can serve as a power bank for mobile devices in an emergency.

180 ° Adjustability

Equipped with a flexible support handle, this LED work light can be adjusted to your lighting needs.

Technical Details

Part Number LT020A
Item Weight 1.21 lbs.
Package Dimensions ‎30.7 x 19.68 x 19.68 inches
Battery Capacity 4400mAh
Charging Time Approx 4.5h
USB Input & output Voltage/Current 5V DC, 1A

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Customer Reviews

Based on 172 reviews
Very bright

Just what I was looking for. Something I can hold in my hand at my angles!!! It’s so bright I had to turn it down a notch only because I’m using this for lighting for picture taking. Great for what I need it for, which also took the yellowish lighting surrounding me away . Went into a room where it was totally dark and wow it lite up the whole room. Great little light for so many uses!! I like the recharge feature or you can use AA batteries THAT ARE NOT included which is fine it did come with the large rechargeable batteries, which I have a charger station for that already so that worked out great.

J. Hines

I bought these to use when I take the dog out at night to do his business, it lights up the yard nicely, I don’t use it for long periods of time so I don’t know about the battery life, but I really like them.

Mike P
Good build quality

First one I received was missing the stand and the rear USB cover, but seller corrected this quickly.This is a good versatile light, bright enough for working on the car or in other dark areas. Build quality is pretty good, but it probably won’t survive being stepped on.The included batteries I received are QTYTY brand and rated at 4200mAh, which I think is overinflated. It’s probably more around 2000mAh from my test, but YMMV.Overall it is a great light to have in the car or around the house for power outages, and the fact that it is also a USB power bank is pretty handy.

Great Battery Flexibility

I had a similar work light that did not have replaceable batteries. The internal rechargeable batteries could only be charged via the Micro USB-B port. That port was very cheaply made and after very little use it became impossible to insert the charger. I had to discard the entire unit.This new unit, which has no dicernable brand, is great it has replaceable rechargeable 18650 batteries, but in a pinch it also works with four AA batteries. Great design! I recommend it highly.

Great! EXCEPT for the batteries

I love these little lights. They are very bright for their size and can be configured (tilted, held, etc.) and used many ways. My most recent "these are perfect for this" usage was to light up the underneath, with very little space, of my lawn tractor to take off the mowing deck. Now the EXCEPT part. I bought a 2 pack. In one of the lights the battery would never take or hold a charge and was useless. I put in 4 AAs as you can luckily and it works fine. But apparently the batteries in these things are junk.