AA038 Heavy-Duty Steel Air Hose Reel With 3/8'x 25ft Retractable Air Hose Reel For Wall Mount Auto Rewind Hose-Reel,Industrial Grade Rubber Hose,Black


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  • This retractable air hose reel is designed with an automatic water connection that is fast, convenient and saves time and effort
  • Our air hose reels are equipped with a ratchet lock mechanism that locks the air hose in 9 locking positions so you can lock the air hose to the desired length.
  • Flexible all day, our durable retractable air hose reels 3/9 can be wall, ceiling or floor mounted, hardware not included
  • This duct reel measures 3/8" x 25" (~1.9 x 63.5cm) hose 11.0" (~27.9cm), 4.8" (~12.1cm) wide and 12.1" (~31.9cm) high
  • High quality retractable air hose reel, rated at -20°C, max. 61°C, material includes assembled hose, adjustable hose plug and mounting bolts
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From the manufacturer

3/8"x 25FT Premium Heavy-Duty Retractable Air Hose Reel

The REEL8 of Air Hose Reel pairs with your air compressor to eliminate tangled air hoses and reduces clutter in your shop or garage.

The Aain Air Hose Reel pairs with your air compressor to eliminate tangled air hoses and reduce clutter in your shop or garage.

The air hose reel allows you to manage 25 feet of hose.

Steel construction for a secure mounting to the wall.

Auto Rewind retractable ratchet action allows you to release as much hose as needed. The hose will remain securely in place until you reel it back.

Hybrid and retractable air hose with maximum air pressure: 300 PSI

Air inlet (female): 3/8 NPT

Air outlet (male): 3/8 NPT

Product Dimensions: 11.0 inch long, 4.8 inch wide and 12.0 inch high

Hose Temp Rating: -4°F ( -20°C) to the highest of 140°F (60°C)

The air hose reel allows you to manage 25 of feet hose

Non snag rollers help reduce hose wear. Multi-position ratchet action allows you to easily wind the hose to the desired length.

Steel construction for a secure mounting to the wall.

Professional quality steel construction. Heavy duty base provides secure support. Mount to the wall, celling, or floor.

Precision machined, full flow, swivel, solid brass fittings. 300 Max PSI

Air hose reel can be assembled on the wall, ceiling or floor.

Installation of Reel

1. Make a paper template modeled after the one above.

2 The Reel may be installed on the wall, floor, or ceiling (at least ten feet above the floor).

3. Remove the bolts that attach the guide roller bracket to the support post to re-position the bracket for the appropriate location. Replace bolts and tighten.

4. Drill holes [o accommodate 1/2 inch bolts (not included). Make sure you are drilling into a solid backing, or use the appropriate hardware o anchor in the bolts.

5. Mount reel and secure the four bolts (not included) through the 1/2" holes in the bracket.

Adjustment of Spring Tension

1. Pull out six feet of hose.

2. To increase tension, wrap the pulled hose one time around the drum.

3. To decrease tension, unwrap the hose one time from the drum.

4. Run the hose back through the guide and re- attach the hose stopper.


product description

AA038 Heavy Duty Steel Air Hose Reel with 3/8" x 25' Retractable Air Hose Reel for Wall Mount Auto Rewind Hose Reel, Industrial Grade Rubber Hose, Black

Technical Details

Manufacturer Aain
Part Number AA038
Item Weight 25 pounds
Package Dimensions 16.9 x 15.7 x 7.4 inches
Item model number ‎AA038
color ‎Black and Red
Style Retractable
Material Metal
Installation Method Floor Mount, Wall Mount, Ceiling Mount
Item Package Quantity 1
Included accessories Air Hose Reels
Do you need batteries No

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Customer Reviews

Based on 232 reviews
Stop making it hard on yourself!

After years of wrapping my air hose up on a garden hose wall rack, I finally decided life was to short to fight and waste my time with an air hose. I purchased this hose reel and it has been fantastic. It is heavy. So make sure you have a sturdy place to mount it with lag screws or bolts. I mounted mine by the top mounting holes to a 2x4 with 1 1/2" lag screws. TIPS: If you dont have one, you will need a short supply hose to connect the reel to the compressor. You will need an assortment of hose quick connectors to attach the supply hose and any tools you plan to use. Un-reel the hose from the reel before mounting to greatly reduce the weight and make the process easier. Have a second person to hold the reel in place while mounting. Hope this helps.

A. K.
Nice reel.

The construction is solid. The hose guide can be adjusted to point down or out for your particular needs. So much better than coiling up my old hose. Wish I had bought a reel sooner.

Perfect air reel

Easy to mount Perfect air reel for garage or smaller area, strong durable easy to clean orange hose... and did you know orange is the most visible color to the human eye

David L.
Excellent value

Excellent value for the money. I've had it installed two weeks and it's still holding pressure.

Autospecialtools Customer
Well suited for its purpose.

It was pretty simple to install, has been robust under regular use, has added some great flexibility to my shop, and is built pretty well. I’ve been very happy thus far. I’ve had it installed and operational for three months now. None of the negatives mentioned in any of the poor reviews have been a reality for me.