Aain AA007 Universal Absorbent Sock Absorbing Snake for Oil And Water 48" L x 3" Grey Pack of 12


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Type: Absorbent Sock, 12 Pack

Absorbency: Universal

  • Strong, durable: Eight layers of 100% polypropylene are thermally bonded to be so durable they won't rip, tear, or fray even when saturated
  • Ideal for marine applications.
  • Resists the growth of mildew and mold
  • All-around fast absorbency for oils, coolants,solvents-everything that leaks, drips, or spills.
  • Universal absorbency will absorb all liquids.
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Universal absorbent sock. Absorbs and retains oils, coolants, solvents, and water.

Long-lasting. 100% polypropylene skin and filler, resisting the growth of mildew and mold; won't rip, tear or fray even when saturated

Perfect for the garage or professional shop. All-around fast absorbency for everything that leaks, drips, or spills.

Technical Details

Part Number AA007
Item Weight 12.56 lbs.
Number of pieces 12

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Wendy M.
Great for ground water

I never knew they made such a product. We had record breaking rain last spring and my rental house basement had a lot of ground water coming in (first time ever). After continuing to mop daily I found these to put around the perimeter of the basement. They effectively held the water so it did not spread & continue to peel up the paint on the concrete floor. I was able to wring them out and lay on my deck for them to dry out and was able to re-use them. Would also be great for putting around a sump crock during a power outage. I highly recommend!!

E. jackson
Very absorbant Reusable

I have an enclosed porch with a concrete floor that slopes toward my house. When it rains the floor floods. I bought these to put around the sides & doors of the porch to absorb the water. They work great. After the rain stops I hang them over my porch railing they dry & are ready for the next rain.

Kindle Customer
Great solution that saves time and money.

Enclosed my patio. Bad newswhen it rains one corner of the patio leaks water because the yard of the condo next door is slightly up hill from my patio. Using towels to stop the flow was a Big job and I worried about wet base boards. Then I discovered these socks. While the water accumulated in the socks must be removed after a long and hard rain, that is a lot better than watching towels become saturated, replace with dry towels, carry wet towels in a bucket to the dry dryer, then repeat. It rains in Texas.

Great product!!!!

WHAT!??????...this product was great for my situation and now you have the NERVE to not have it again!!!!!!!!!....I need more....what am I going to do?!!!!

Mr. Sam Wise
Five Stars

We have water that seeps into our basement during heavy rains. These socks worked very well.