Aain LT007*5 Water Resistant 350 Lumens Ultra Bright 3 Mode Flashlight Torch Adjustable Focus Zoomable Light Lamp Water Resistant 4 Pack


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Type: Flashlight

Quantity: 4 pack

  • High-quality aluminum housing, with weather-resistant seals, aluminum body, and modern design. Water-resistant: IP54
  • Offers a powerful projecting beam that adjusts from spot to flood by turning the head. The beam distance is 45 meters. 2 Hour Run Time, requires 3 AAA batteries, High-Low-Flash-Off function
  • Slide the lens housing forward or back for an intense spot beam or wide-angle flood beam
  • LED Technology, designed for professionals and consumers alike.
  • This mid-size flashlight is big on power but compact enough to fit in your backpack, survival bag, or car glove compartment.
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High-quality aluminum housing

Wide or narrow beam adjustable headlamp. 

Useful for camping, travel, and emergencies.

Technical Details

Manufacturer Aain
Part Number LT007*5

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Very solid Flashlight!

This flashlight feells very solid. I read reviews and a lot of people asking about light output. So, since I have the LUX meter at work I decided to check it. There was no LED setting and I used L but it still should give the reference to the LUX output. I know that 1 LUX is 1 Lm measured per square meter but not sure exactly how manufacturers measure it. So, I was holding the flashlight one foot away from the sensing pad. And that's what I got. (Please, take a look at the pics). I had to change scale for full zoom so the reading is times 10. It is really powerful flashlight! I use it at work and all my coworkers carry flashlights as well.. Let me tell you: my flashlight was the brightest! Some of the guys already went shopping for it))). Hope, my review helps. P.S. Yes, you can use three AA batteries or one 18650. I am thinking to try 26650 as well. Thanks for reading!

Failed in 3 Months

I thought this light was great, and intended to buy more. It was bright, and I liked the substantial feel of it. I kept it on my night stand in case of power failures in the night. Then I noticed last night that a glow was coming from underneath it. It was standing upright on the night stand. I picked it up and even though it was turned off, it was emitting enough light to light a path through the room. I turned it on and it was much brighter - although the batteries had clearly drained substantially. Turning it off again the light dimmed but remained on. This is the last thing I want in my emergency tool bag - a light that comes on by itself and drains the batteries so when you really need it it's dead.

So sad...Died in less than a month...

EDIT!!! - this company is awesome and doesn't deserve the negative review I gave them... things happen, not every single minute detail or faulty area can be screened or prevented, but what can happen is a company with quality products can back those products and make right anything that may have gone wrong. That's exactly what this company did and they did it extremely promptly at that. I love love love these lights and really appreciate the company and how they back their products even more. Will be making additional purchases and I suggest you don't hesitate to buy one as well. Beautiful flashlights and nothing to lose bc these guys take care of you very well.Initial review-Initially, I loved this light!... BUT, the led burned out! So bummed and I really really liked this flashlight too... I was just thinking about how well built it was and then it just crapped out on me... I'll have to check but I'm hoping this company can/will do something to remedy the problem so that I can properly review the item if so...

Bad unit. Doesnt work.

Something must be wrong with my units contacts. The only time it (kind of) works is when the battery door is totally loose. Its unusable.

Okay at first, not bright, didn't last long. UPDATE: New Light is Brighter

This flashlight is just okay. Lasted just under two months, and died last night after giving me trouble for several days (flickering light levels). Whacking it gently seemed to fix the problem temporarily, until it died. Hadn't given me any trouble until then, and I've always kept the batteries charged. I used

4 Samsung INR18650-25R 18650 2500mAh 3.7v Rechargeable Flat Top Batteries

. These have been very good cells for me, and worked well in other flashlights. However, in this one, they just didn't last that long. I only got good light levels for about an hour at a time before experiencing severe light level drop off, forcing me to change batteries. Disappointed.UPDATE: I'm leaving the original review up, but GearLight did send me a new light, and I hadn't even asked for a replacement. Personalized letter, the whole bit. They even included batteries (Duracell AA's). Just tested the new light, and it is definitely brighter than the first I bought. Therefore, I'll give a star for the customer service. Something like this isn't often seen from many companies these days. However, only time and daily use will tell whether this one will last, and whether this one will eat my batteries for breakfast. I'll do my best to update in a few weeks. We'll see.