Aain AA025 1/2oz Adhesive Stick Wheel Weights 48 Strips/Box Black


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Size: 1/2 oz. ea., 48 Strips, 6 Segments per strip.
Color: Black Wheel Weights
  • Adhesive wheel weights are double-coated with zinc and plastic powder to resist corrosion and rust providing a long-lasting, consistent weight throughout its lifetime.
  • Lead-free 1/2oz steel wheel weights with white tape, easy to peel backing makes adhering the weight to the tire simple.
  • Plastic Powder Coating for a rust-resistant finish while remaining flexible enough to contour to the wheel shape when installing.
  • 1/2oz Segments(4mm). 6 Segments per Strip. 48 Strips per Box. Single Box Weight = 144oz.
  • Perfect for wheel balancing, drapery curtain weights, truck, and SUV wheels, as well as other hobbies and crafts.
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Strong Adhesive

Accurate and durable with super-strength adhesive for a secure and long-lasting balance.


Powder-coated, pre-segmented, steel stick-on wheel weights will balance most automobile, motorcycle, truck, and farm equipment wheels.


Our balancing weights are designed to be suitable in all weather conditions. The zinc coating resists corrosion and rust for long-lasting durability. Segmented 1/4 oz. weights on a flexible easy peel strip contour easily to any size wheel.

Technical Details

Manufacturer Aain
Part Number
Item Weight
9 lbs
Package Size
6.5 x 3.34 x 2.55 inches
Segment Weight 1/4 oz
Total Pieces
48 Strips, 6 Segments per strip
Color Black

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