Eisen MKT018 11 pc Plastic Car Trim Removal Tool Kit, Body Molding Removal Set for Door Panels, Consoles.


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Item: Plastic Car Trim Removal Tool Kit

Size: 11 pieces

  • Designed for the removal of door panels, fascia & trim strips, dashboard & interior panels, trim, and window moldings.
  • 11 Various tool end shapes to meet almost every need.
  • Bonus Nylon Carry Case. This roll-up carry pouch has a hook and loop closure and is included free with this set. Use this pouch to transport or safely store your tools.
  • Constructed from heavy-duty ABS plastic for increased leverage without causing damage to your vehicle or to the door panel. Lightweight and ergonomic design is easy to hold and made to fit in hard-to-reach areas.
  • These lightweight tools allow you to work on your vehicle without scratching the finish or damaging your vehicle trim.
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Perfect for the Professional Mechanic, Car Audio Installer, or DIYer. This trim remover set is perfect for automotive repair where panel, molding, and delicate trim pieces must be removed.

Designed and used for removal of door panels, fascia & trim strips, dashboard, interior panels, trim, and window moldings.


11 various trimming ends to meet a variety of needs. Includes the following types of ends: Wide, pull, handy, narrow, upholstery, angled, fork tip flat, clip panel, sharp tip flat, panel, and blunt tip flat clip.

Technical Details

Manufacturer Eisen
Part Number ‎MKT018
Style Plastic Car Trim Removal Tool Kit
Package Dimensions ‎9.06 x 9.06 x 2.17 inches
Size 11 pieces
Weight ‎1.5 pounds‎

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Customer Reviews

Based on 549 reviews
They are stout

Kit contains pretty much every configuration you'd need to remove panel retainers without damaging them. I've only used a few so far but they are all made of the same strong material.

Dylan P.Top Contributor: Cycling
Good for Panels and Tabs

Used these at a friends house for his BMW door panel. He had the infamous sticky door handle problem, so we popped out the panel, removed the handle, and replaced. These tools were helpful to remove the door panel. I've done the work before without proper tools, namely screwdrivers, but the plastic tools prevent scratching and damage that could be avoided. I used them the other day to remove plastic tabs on the front grill of my car and it worked just as well. Again, a screwdriver would have worked, but I avoided scratching and damaging parts by using these.Build quality is average. Nothing special here. The case is nice, but doesn't roll up like a tool roll due to the shapes of the tools inside. It's one of those items that you need when you need it, but collects dust the rest of the time. Should be good for years to come for my use case.

Lori Lingo
Just right

Really good assortment of tools. Very good quality for the price. Obviously not a hundred dollar set but this kit will do the trick and causes no damage to surfaces. Highly recommend this.

Antonio Perez
Every tool you’ll need!

Very nice and complete tool kit for access to your door and speaker grill panels. So many sizes that you don’t need any other tools.

Perfect for dashboard work in a car

Used these to replace my speaker in my center dash. Helped to pop the necessary parts out to get to the old speaker with no damage to them.